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Does the game seem a little blurry?

For those of you that are sports fans out there, and even those that are not, have you ever been sat watching the game and wished that you could see the ball more clearly? Whether you struggle to see things up close or simply find it hard to see every time someone scores, having blurred vision when you’re enjoying any sports event can be extremely annoying and can lead to you missing those important parts that everyone starts cheering about.

With this in mind and the 2015 Rugby World Cup set to kick off this Friday, here at Blink Opticians we want to help you witness all those memories that you could otherwise forget by ensuring your eyes are performing to the best of their abilities. With a range of tailored eyes tests that are designed to your individual requirements, we can ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action over the coming weeks.

Within our Wellingborough store we’ve also got a unique range of frames for you to choose from to ensure that every try and conversion is crystal clear. Whether you need a stylish pair of glasses for everyday use or a contemporary pair of prescription sunglasses for a hot and sunny day, at Blink we can ensure that you find the perfect pair of frames and lenses for your requirement.

What’s more, we’ve currently offering a FREE eye test and 25% off your first pair of complete glasses when you visit us for the first time. So this autumn don’t let the game pass you by and visit the team Blink Opticians to ensure this World Cup will be one you’ll never forget.

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