Blink Opticians Wellingborough

About Blink Opticians

Blink Opticians is owned, managed and run by Amanda Anderson. Originally known as Gatrad Opticians, this practice was part of a small local chain between 1984 and 2002, originally on the High Street. It then became Shivani’s Eyecare. So this very practice has run for nearly 40 years in Wellingborough, in one form or another. We also have all the original customer records! Amanda worked as a locum at the practice for three years before being offered the business in spring 2008. 

Since then there have been a lot of positive changes to improve the service that Blink Opticians can provide, creating a more tailored and personal approach than many of the high street brands. Blink Opticians is a small and friendly independent practice that you’ll find on Market Street in the centre of Wellingborough – on the corner opposite the Swansgate Shopping Centre in Wellingborough town centre. Our small team work closely to deliver personalised advice and give customers all the time, medical and technical knowledge they need. As an independent there is no head office pressure to see a certain number of patients in a given day. You’ll even be offered a hot cuppa if things aren’t manically busy!