You are currently viewing BluProtect: Protecting your eyes from the effects of Blue Light.

BluProtect: Protecting your eyes from the effects of Blue Light.

Trouble Sleeping? Frequent Headaches? Blurred Vision? Eye Strain?

If you’ve been experiencing any of these issues lately then it could be caused by the frequent interaction with Blue Light. When using computers, tablets or smart phone devices, each device emits a harmful Blue Light radiation that causes your eye muscles to work harder than they are designed to. Whilst this isn’t a major issue if you’re using such devices for less than 10 minutes at a time, if you’re using them for prolonged periods then your eyes can begin to experience eye strain and headaches and the Blue Light can stop the body’s natural ability to ‘switch off’.

For many of us though, going without such devices can be difficult on a day to day basis, especially if you rely heavily on them for your job. After all, we now live in a society where technology is key to many roles, so it’s important that you can use these devices without the added implications that Blue Light can bring. With this in mind, the eye experts at Kodak have invented a new form of Blue Light cancelling lenses called BluProtect.

BluProtect Glasses Lenses

KODAK BluProtect is a technological breakthrough that takes a sophisticated approach to filtering out harmful blue light without distorting colour vision or disturbing positive light wavelengths that help regulate a healthy sleeping pattern.
This advanced anti-reflection coating will improve visual performance & eye protection, giving sharper vision & improved visual comfort over longer periods of time. It also repels dirt, grime & water.

As a Kodak Lens centre, Blink Opticians are now able to provide BluProtect lenses for all new prescription glasses purchased from our Wellingborough store. If you’d like to see how these unique lenses work, or would like to book a Free Eye Test to see how BluProtect can be used in your new prescription, please call 01933 279203 or email

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