The round face
A round face is free of angles with an equally proportioned width and length – frames with a narrow angular shape will help define your face making it appear thinner and longer.

The oval face
The oval face is classed as the perfect face shape, with perfectly balanced proportions. Really, any shape of frame will look good. To help you choose, remember to select frames that are wider than the widest part of your face.

The oblong face
This face shape is longer than it is wide and needs frames with a depth that goes from top to bottom. Choose a frame with a low bridge to help lengthen the nose and choose decoration around the temple to draw the eye outward making the face seem wider.

The triangular face
With a face that’s narrower at the top than the bottom, choose more decorated frames to draw the eye upward making the face seem more balanced.

The upside down triangle
The upside down triangular face needs frames that are either lighter in colour or rimless. The eye will therefore not be drawn to the widest area of the face.

The diamond face
This is the rarest of face shapes! The diamond face is narrow at the eye and jaw line. Always choose frames that are either rimless or oval.

The square face
This face has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead so always choose frames that are narrow and wider than they are long. This will make the face look longer while softening your angles.

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