The law of contrast
Remember to contrast the shape of your frame with the shape of your face. Round face? Choose rectangular frames. Square face? Choose round frames. Oval face? Lucky you, you have the most versatile face shape and you’ll suit most frames!

Size does matter
Choose a frame size that matches the size of your face. Small face? Choose smaller frames. Bigger features? You can get away with bigger frames.

Colour does it
Choose a frame colour that complements your skin tone. Warm skin tone? Choose khaki, gold, camel, orange and earthy tones. Cool skin tone? Choose pink, blue, black and darker tones.

The professional look
Go for darker and thinner frames.

The fashionista
Designer does it! Go for anything that catches the eye or for big brands. But, remember to choose something versatile unless you have a collection of glasses!

There are many frameless or half frame designs that will allow you not to make a huge statement.

Change is good!
You can get multiple specs so you can adapt your eye wear to your outfit!

Beauty tips
Ladies, short sight lenses can make your eyes look smaller so highlight them with eye shadow. Also make sure your make up doesn’t compete with your frames.

Men, receding hairlines lengthen your face so try wider frames with a strong top line.

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